What is RX4?

RX4 is a propriety software that helps you to control your own data and generate valuable analytics so that you can create your own marketplace. To know more book a demo today.

What is Rx4 for data policy?

Rx4 four helps doctors to customise and collect their data. Then our exports run analytics on demand is created by the doctors or the physicians to create meaningful and points which are valuable both to save life and time.

How is Rx4 different from existing platforms?

RX4 Is not really a marketplace. Unlike other platforms it does not sell or market your practice. RX4 simply enables you to capture your data in real time and helps you to monetise this data and understand the real value of your practice.

Who does the data belong to?

This data in reality belongs to the creator of the date and that could be you or your patient. In healthcare today there is lot of unstructured and meaningless interactions taking place. RX4 helps you to structure these interactions and use these data in points for a better understanding in the domain.

How do I start using Rx4?

RX4 is a simple algorithm which once installed automatically gets hooked on to your daily life. If you continue and interact with your patients in a similar fashion as you do on a daily life RX4 will help you capture this data in real time.

What do I do with the data?

You can create algorithms algorithms, market places, automated reports, warning systems and unlimited possibilities once you understand how machine learning can enhance your practice and enable your patients to benefit from the learnings of your other patients.

What if I want to leave Rx4?

RX4 is just like your email account. You can simply delete all the data and block your account why we make sure that your privacy is respected.

How to invite more colleagues to Rx4 platform?

You can simply send a text of an invite to your friends. This will also enable you to gain referral points on the platform and add your friends to the network. The invite page is what you see when you go ahead and download the application.

Will any other Doctor find out my patient’s data?

RX4 Is a secure platform where data privacy is of paramount importance to us. No other doctors can view patients data until the patient consents to do so.

How safe is my Patient data with Rx4

Your patient data is safe and secure until you or your patients are willing to share that data with prior consent. With our end to end encryption and strict data policy no one in the ecosystem can have a peek on your data until unless you consent so.

4Can I change my charges everyday?

Yes as a doctor you can change your charges every day. Once you change your charges the same or reflected on your patient’s mobile phone and your profile.

I have specific pharmacy in my area, how can I link them to Rx4 so that my patients buys medicines from them?

You can ask your pharmacy to download Rx4 app and list you. When a patient is looking for a pharmacy RX4 suggest your preferred interested pharmacy to the patient and helps him make a decision to buy those medicines from your trusted sources.

Is there any possible ways to find out the medicines are purchased by my patient or not?

Yes, we send a notification to a patient on how he rated his experience with the existing pharmacy on completion of a sale to collect the data point for you whether any particular patient has bought the medicines or not.

In case of a hospital appointment scheduled by my patient on Rx4, how does the patient pay? The Hospital OPD will demand the payment from the patient?

Rx4 is simply a platform that enables your patients to book your online appointments. We do not control patience behaviour on hospitals in terms of enabling fee collection that is an arrangement between you the hospital and the patient.

Can I view the historic prescriptions of all my patient in my backend?

Yes you can see all the prescription that you sent to the patients in the backend. You can visit the prescriptions feature within your application to view what your patience have been taking in the past as prescribed by you.

What do I do if the prescribed brand is not on your listed drug formulary?

RX4 Is a platform built on machine learning. So once you prescribe any medicine which is not there in the popularly it will automatically allowed the pharmacist and the system to add that particular medicine in the pharmacy or the formulary.

Is it a mandate to upload my MCI certificates to be a member of Rx4?

To identify yourself as a valid and a genuine user and generate a green tick of certification you would be required to upload your certificates whether they are issued by MCI or any other authorising body.

Can I give any mobile number of my choice and keep my number free?

Rx4 will only function once the mobile number on which RS4 is being used is on the same application as your phone. We would internally validate your current mobile number.

Can the Rx4 app be managed by my front office personnel?

In the present version you will have to access RX four through your own personal mobile phone. The future versions will contain an application for the front desk also.

I work for a Hospital and the earnings from the patient are deposited in the hospital account. How can I use RX4?

RX4 simply replaces your off clinic communication in a more systematic and auditor capturing mode, your existing relationship with the hospital continue the way they are. We allow you to control the atmosphere outside the hospitals.

How do I get my patient to download the Rx4 app on their phone?

You can use the invite function to send a notification of your RX4ID to your patients through different social media platforms including WhatsApp LinkedIn Facebook or chat message.

Can my patient link their other family members on Rx4 app?

Yes RX4 will allow you to create multiple profiles within one application so all your family members can use the application and the common wallet.

Will all patients have different Rx4 ID?

Yes. All patients will have a different RX4ID even if created from a same family account.

Can I fix my charges on a daily basis?

Yes Alex for allows you to change your charges not only on daily basis but also on hour by hour basis.

What if I don’t want to take money for any or few services from my patient?

On this platform it is not mandatory for you to charge any of your patient for any of the services created. However urgent calls do carry a minimum fixed charge even if the patient is not being charged by you.

Is the amount charged from patient is Pre consultation or Post consultation?

With Rx4 pre-and post paid feature you can decide whether the patient has an ability to make your consultation without having wallet balance. All the money collected is post consultation but if you decide to choose a prepaid feature money would be mandatory deducted from my patience wallet after Consultation.

How is RX4 different from my routine audio and video calls that I do from other apps?

With RX4 you get more control in terms of moderating patient behaviour. You also get an opportunity to cloud the data that you create for the consultations for both audio and video chats. We also provide your services to analyse the data that you have created in these consultations with your patients.

I have apps managing my appointment and consultation, why do I need Rx4?

Rx4 gives doctors full control over communication with their patients. Deciding how long, when and for how much they want their patients to interact with them. Rx4 provides a digital face for health care professionals which allows their patients to access credible information about them.

I have my own software managing my entire patients cycle including medical records, why do I need Rx4?

Rx4 makes appointment visibility and video, audio, text communication easy in one application. Rx4 protects doctors privacy by giving them control over their visibility in the ecosystem. This is a global system, fully automated and saves you thousands of rupees that you spend on software’s individually bought by you.

What do you mean by “Doctor recommended Pharmacy “ ?

Rx4 enables you to direct patient towards pharmacies that are trustworthy in your network. This helps save your communication time.

What do you mean by “Rx4 recommended Pharmacy” ?

With an plethora of fake medicines floating in the market today it is paramount that vital and credible information is delivered to a patient. A patient can choose from credible pharmacies certified by us.

How is Rx4 recommended Pharmacy is different from Doctor recommended pharmacy?

It is upto the doctor to make that distinction possible. Rx4 recommend pharmacies just add to the network of trusted pharmacies for the doctor patient ecosystem.

Can my prescription get served in other state?

Yes as per MCI guidelines.

Do I need to disclose my Bank account details to Rx4?

Yes. You need to link your KYC to Rx4 for full authentication on the application.

How does the payments get credited to by bank account?

Auto transfer. This can be on the same day or to be chosen at a later date as decided by you.

Which Bank is working as an interphase between Patient and Doctor?

We provide all Indian and International banks as intermediaries for the funds transfer.

Can a patient get the medicines from a local non Rx4 chemist of his choice?

Yes that is possible provided the pharmacist is present on the network.

How does a Doctor comes to know that the prescribed brands are purchased by the patient?

This information can be seen at the back end of the application.

How does a Doctor comes to know that the prescribed Brands are not substituted?

We are sorry, this feature is not yet available.

What if I don’t get paid after any consultation?

Patient will not be able to initiate next conversation on Rx4 until your previous dues are cleared.

Is it mandatory to recharge the wallet of the patient before going for consultation?

Yes if you are going to consult your doctors in pre paid mode.

In case a patient is coming for Physical consultation in the hospital I am working, how can I take the charges?

That is an existing relationship on which Rx4 has no control.

Can my patient pay my consultation charges before coming to my clinic for in-person consultation?

This depends upon what relationship you want with patient. We have no control over this.

What happens if the emergency charges levied on any consultation and I am unable to attend the same?

You can cancel those charges.

Can I take the liberty to choose whether I am going for an emergency consultation or not?

Yes you can.

Is it possible to refer my patient to another Rx4 Physician on this platform?

Yes you can simply pass an Rx4 ID of your colleague to your patient.

Can I use this platform to send promotional messages to my patients?

Yes, through our podcast feature this is very much possible.

How often can I hold podcast meetings and does it have any time limit?

No time limit. As often as you can.

Can I invite non Rx4 Members on Podcast?

No. You cannot.

What happens when a communication with the patient gets disconnected in the middle, does the patient needs to pay again to restart the communication?

You can choose not to charge on the pop up that appears on your screen.

Will my income from Rx4 is taxable?


I work in a corporate hospital, can I include the Hospital pharmacy in Rx4?

Yes you can.

Can my recommended Laboratory upload the patients report on Rx4 so that I can view it?

Yes this is incorporated on Rx4.

Can I chat with multiple patients at the same time?

Yes like all other chatting platforms.

Is there any Customer support helpline?


Is there any referral programs for the Doctors for recommending their colleagues?

No. Not yet.

Do I get notifications from the patients when I have kept RX4 on ‘Don’t disturb” mode?

Yes in future versions you do.

Is the data analytics report chargeable on monthly basis?

Yes. There are various modules you can choose from.

How can I invite more friends and relatives to Rx4 platform?

You can simply invite your friends by using our export invite feature and sending them your RX 4ID through any social media platform.

How can I download the Rx4 app?

Rx4 application is available both on android and iOS play stores.

Can I become a Member of Rx4 if my Doctor isn’t ? How will it be useful in such a case?

You can download the application and start interacting with thousands of other doctors available on the platform.

Will any other Doctor find out my medical data?

No other doctor or individual can see your data until you consent to do so.

How safe is my Personal data with Rx4?

With our tight data security policy and strict confidentiality parameters your data is absolutely and personally see if we understand your concerns and privacy.

I have specific pharmacy in my area, which is not listed on Rx4, can I make a purchase?

No you cannot. You will have to request you local pharmacy to be listed on RX 4 to be able to make purchases on the application.

Do I need to send / upload the receipt of my medicine purchase on the Rx4 app?

This is an automatic process you may not need to do that at your end.

In case of a hospital appointment scheduled by me on Rx4, how do I pay? The Hospital OPD will demand the payment from me?

Give me a request your doctor for any kind of personalised request. RS4 is not responsible for any financial commitments made by the doctor towards you.

Can I view my historic prescriptions on the Rx4 app?

Yes you can do so by visiting your gallery for old prescriptions date wise all prescriptions will be visible to you.

What do I do if the prescribed brand is not available in the Rx4 pharmacy?

You can visit your doctor recommended pharmacy in case a brand recommended to you is not available. You can also ask your doctor to generate a prescription with available brands.

Is it a mandate to upload my pathological reports on Rx4 for my Doctor to view or he will get the reports straight from my Lab?

By choosing doctor recommended labs or Alexa recommended labs this process is automated. You can carry your physical reports to the physician for review in case you have reports from the lab site or not mess network.

Can the Rx4 app be managed by any of my other family members?

Yes you can easily create profiles from a single Rx4 application.

What happens when the Doctor is unable to attend my calls during his given schedule?

You can request for a later date of appointment from the doctor for the incoming calls.

How do I get my friends to download the Rx4 app on their phone?

You can send them invite messages or any social media platform.

Can my friends link their other family members on Rx4 app?


Will all patients have different Rx4 ID?


Will every Rx4 ID needs a different mobile number?

No. Alteast an different ID.

What if I don’t want to pay money to the Doctor for the call or chat service? Do I have the freedom to pay ?

You will not be allowed to make further calls until your previous invoices are cleared with your existing doctors or pending bills.

Is the amount charged from me is Pre consultation or Post consultation?

This depends on the doctor whom you are consulted.

How is RX4 different from my routine audio and video calls that I with my Doctor on different other apps?

Rx4 allows more control and smooth flow of information.

I can call up my Doctor and ask for an appointment, why do I need Rx4?

This is more painful relationship for your doctor.

Will Rx4 help me maintain and preserve my BP, Sugar levels in form of charts?


What do you mean by “Doctor recommended Pharmacy or Laboratory “?

This is Visibility into the network of tested pharmacies all every trees by the physician.

What do you mean by “Rx4 recommended Pharmacy or Laboratory”?

This is Visibility into the network of tested pharmacies all every trees by Rx4.

How is Rx4 recommended Pharmacy is different from Doctor recommended pharmacy?

This may have more discounts depending upon the proximity.

Can my Doctor’s prescription get served in other town / Cities?


How do I pay on Rx4?

E wallet or credit or debit cards.

Can I buy or recharge Rx4 wallet?


Do we have different top up packages on Rx4?

Yes. Multiple options are created by caregiver for the same for you to choose from.

Is it mandatory to recharge my wallet before going for consultation.

No. Until you want to consult a physician who mandates you to do so.

Can I pay my consultation charges before coming to my Doctor’s clinic for in-person consultation?

Rx4 does not control this aspect of your understanding with your Physcian.

How a normal consultation is different from an Emergency consultation?

Emergency consultation can be priced at a higher charge.

Is it possible to consult another Rx4 Doctor from other Speciality? How can I find one?

Yes it is possible. You can simply look for any speciality doctor on the platform as per your choice.

What happens when a communication with the Doctor gets disconnected in the middle, do I need to pay again to restart the communication?

You are relation to waive off the charges on the existing or the next call.

Can I chat or call my Doctor multiple time in one day?


Can my Doctor block my number?


Is there any Customer support helpline?


Is there any referral programs for the Patient for recommending relatives or colleagues?


Do I get notifications on my mobile when the Doctor is ready for the chat or call?

Yes. In future versions you do.

What numbers should I link with the Emergency button?

You can drink your friends and families numbers for the emergency contact. You can also link your family physicians phone number on the emergency contact.

Should I need an Ambulance service? Do I need to pay on Rx4 app?

Yes you will have to pay on the application to get an ambulance only for this money will be auto ducted from your wallet.

Can I renew my insurance policy on Rx4 app?


Can I have multiple Doctors linked to my Rx4 account?


If I change my mobile phone, do all my data remain preserved?

Yes. It is linked to your Rx4 ID.

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